What is the Difference Between Bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation?

Large debts can wear down a person’s financial freedom, often leaving him or her at the mercy of creditors. However, there are legal actions available that can help people lower their debt burdens into manageable amounts or clear out much of their debt altogether. Two of the most popular options are debt negotiation and bankruptcy.

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Comparing Advantages and Disadvantages

Although debt reduction is the ultimate goal, debt negotiation and bankruptcy are two different choices that a person may look at when facing financial difficulties. Consider the following benefits and drawbacks of both debt negotiation and bankruptcy:

  • Debt negotiation isn’t as powerful as bankruptcy in discharging debts
  • Debt negotiation carries fewer penalties to property or credit as bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy can provide very strong debt discharges
  • Bankruptcy can result in a loss of property and credit score damages

One choice may be better than the other depending on how much an individual owes, what kind of debts he or she has taken out, and even the creditors involved.

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