COVID-19 has really taken a toll on American families in so many ways including their finances. It has been a rollercoaster ride of job losses offset by above average unemployment income, medical and PPE expenses not to mention “back to school” costs, mortgage forbearances, etc.  Given the chaos, now may be the best time to file a bankruptcy petition.

A temporary lay-off or job change may assist in a couple or individual qualifying for chapter 7 bankruptcy when they previously did not. So, if you or your spouse are recently out of work/underemployed and have spoken to a bankruptcy attorney before, let us give you a second opinion or a fresh look at a fresh start. We want to help you achieve a fresh start and a new beginning and that includes exploring non-bankruptcy and bankruptcy options. 

Don’t procrastinate because currently bankruptcy clients do NOT have to go to court for their bankruptcy hearing- we do it telephonically in our office due to the pandemic. That can change so take action now and call 239-237-0675 or contact us today at