When Should You Wait to File?

In some cases, a debtor may actually benefit by waiting for file for bankruptcy for a short period of time. While they will ultimately file for protection from creditors and a legal way to reduce debts, they can increase the benefits of a filing if they hold off for a brief time.

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Timing in Bankruptcy

As with so many other things, timing in bankruptcy is everything. When a person files for bankruptcy may be as important as what kind of bankruptcy protection they choose to seek. Putting off filing can help a person with the following benefits:

  • Providing additional time for a possible mortgage modification
  • Allowing a loss of wages to factor into the Chapter 7 means test
  • Allowing certain necessary expenses to add up before filing for bankruptcy

In some cases, a person may know that they are going to need to incur significant debt for something like a medical treatment. In these cases, incurring the debt first and filing second can allow that individual to deal with that debt through the legal proceedings.

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