Converting a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy into a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Some debtors who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may find themselves unable to keep up with the payment plan. Whether they are facing a job loss, serious injury, or some other financial emergency, they may not be able to meet their responsibilities under Chapter 13 law. In this situation, a person may be able to convert their bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, allowing them to discharge many of their debts, rather than pay them back.

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Qualifications for a Bankruptcy Conversion

When a person files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they don’t need to fulfill the same requirements as debtors going through the Chapter 7 process. Because of this difference between the two forms of bankruptcy, a person will need to find out if they qualify for a conversion before they switch their forms of bankruptcy. In order to convert their case, a person may:

  • Need to pass the means test
  • Need to file the proper paperwork
  • Need to go through a creditors’ meeting

If a debtor qualifies for exemptions, some courts may allow them to file for these exemptions at the time of conversion. This can help a debtor save a considerable amount of property.

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