The Role of Bankruptcy Trustees in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy trustee plays a crucial role in any Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. These individuals are given far-reaching legal powers by the court to organize and conduct important actions within the bankruptcy process. It’s important for a debtor to promptly provide a trustee with the information they request and to make sure that the information given is accurate. Failing to assist a trustee in this way can significantly delay the bankruptcy process.

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Duties of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees

There are several important things that bankruptcy trustees oversee during a Chapter 13 case. These individuals work from the start of the case to its close, making sure that both creditors and debtors are given fair treatment in the case. Their basic responsibilities include the following:

  • Documenting and resolving objections between debtors and creditors
  • Verifying the information provided by a debtor
  • Permitting a bankruptcy claim to move forward
  • Overseeing and verifying the debtor’s repayment plan
  • Resolving any additional debts once the plan is complete

An attorney can help ensure that a debtor’s paperwork is complete for a bankruptcy trustee as well as represent his or her best interests in the case.

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The Role of Bankruptcy Trustees in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Duties of a Trustee