Can You File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy While Unemployed?

A person considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may run into some serious issues if they aren’t employed or receiving a considerable amount of income. This form of bankruptcy is meant to help those who have some sort of income, thus allowing them to realistically work through a repayment plan. A person may run into a number of financial difficulties if they are unemployed at the time of filing or become unemployed before their repayment plan is complete.

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Bankruptcy Options for the Unemployed or Underemployed

There are some situations in which a debtor may simply not make enough money to be able to successfully complete a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan. Whether a person is unemployed or doesn’t receive enough income to pay for their living costs, while also addressing a repayment plan, they may want to consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead. The benefits of Chapter 7 protection include the following:

  • Lack of repayment plan
  • Geared towards debtors with limited assets and high amounts of debt
  • Useful in getting rid of debt quickly, preventing interest from piling up

In many cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a more viable option for a debtor if the financial expectations of Chapter 13 bankruptcy are unrealistic.

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