5 Important Pieces of Information in Notices of Chapter 13 Cases

When a person files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they need to provide the court with a substantial amount of financial information and a plan for debt repayment. This information is then taken by the court and compiled into a document known as a Notice of Chapter 13 Case. This document is provided to the debtor and their creditors by the court.

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What Is in the Notice of Chapter 13 Case?

Inside this court document is an overview of the bankruptcy, including a set of dates that are essential for both debtors and creditors. This document includes the following pieces of information:

  • Creditor meeting dates
  • Deadlines for creditor disputes or objections
  • The date of the confirmation hearing
  • A summarized version of the repayment plan
  • A collection of key information about the bankruptcy case

This document is meant to provide an overview of the proceedings. However, it may not be error-free, as court employees may have made clerical errors that are sent to creditors as case details. A debtor should closely review this document for such errors to avoid the headache of clearing up a clerical mistake later.

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