3 Chapter 7 Basics You Should Know

An uphill battle against debt can overwhelm a debtor, leaving them feeling confused and desperate for help. When debt cannot be managed and only grows larger and larger each month, a debtor may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is available for many debtors who do not have the financial means to satisfy the repayment of their debts any longer.

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Determining Whether Chapter 7 is Right for You

Each chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code has different provisions and is intended to resolve a distinctly separate debt situation. These are some concerns that pertain to Chapter 7.

#1: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requires You to Qualify

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act required every debtor to go through credit counseling before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Additionally, the BAPCPA requirements state that a debtor needs to qualify for Chapter 7 protection. According to this law, a debtor needs to pass what is known as the means test, which compares their income against the average for the state, measured against the debtor’s liabilities.

#2: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy May Involve Losing Property to Eliminate Debts

Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings are sometimes referred to as liquidation bankruptcy. When a debtor files for this form of bankruptcy, they might be required to surrender or sale some of their assets and property in order to satisfy debts. In many cases, however, this is unnecessary.

#3: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is Not Simple

There are parts of bankruptcy that may seem relatively simple. However, many do-it-yourself debtors who file bankruptcy through computer programs often find themselves without sufficient legal training to deal with any problems with creditors or bankruptcy trustees. A legal advisor can help inside and outside the court, dealing with many of these serious issues.

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