Exemptions to Credit Counseling

With the passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, the government created a requirement for all debtors to go through credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy. This credit counseling was meant to provide an educational foundation for debtors to better understand how to control their finances. However, some individuals may not benefit from these counseling sessions or may not be able to attend.

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Credit Counseling Exceptions

The addition of credit counseling as a basic step of the bankruptcy process can prove a significant problem for many debtors. For others, undergoing credit counseling may be of little benefit due to a variety of factors. However, if this is the case, a debtor may be allowed to proceed with their bankruptcy without needing to go through credit counseling. The following exemptions are provided:

  • Military service members deployed in active combat zones
  • Mentally handicapped individuals
  • Physically handicapped individuals
  • Special exemptions made by the bankruptcy court

These exemptions allow these individuals, who may not be able to benefit from credit counseling for any number of reasons, to avoid this step altogether.

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