The Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

The major feature of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the repayment plan. This plan is established to help a debtor work through a sizable portion of their debts, generally prioritizing secured debts over unsecured debts. According to the rules regarding these plans, a debtor should be expected to meet payments needed to fulfill the plan and potentially have a substantial amount of their remaining debt discharged.

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How Does the Repayment Plan Work?

The Chapter 13 repayment plan is relatively straightforward, once a plan is agreed upon. Set by the court, these plans are meant to provide a person with the opportunity to repay most of their debts according to reasonable expectations given a debtor’s financial situation. These repayment plans work in the following ways:

  • The plan must be paid off in regular intervals
  • Failure to pay can result in the dismissal of the bankruptcy case
  • Plans often last between three to five years
  • Secured debt is paid, while unsecured debt may only marginally be paid
  • Once the plan is complete, the remainder of a person’s applicable debt may be discharged

These plans are specifically tailored for a debtor’s unique situation, making payments accessible for anyone’s specific level of income and debt.

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