Hotel plans to pay debt in order to get out of bankruptcy


The owner of the Hope Hotel and Conference has announced that he is planning to help the company emerge from bankruptcy by paying some of its unpaid sales tax to that state of Ohio. The owner of the hotel, Visicon Shareholders Trust, has also offered a $4 million lump sum payment a year after the [...]

Hotel plans to pay debt in order to get out of bankruptcy2011-02-14T15:44:24+00:00

Youngstown reports descrease in bankruptcies


The U.S Bankruptcy Court for one of the Northern Districts of Ohio has reported a decrease in bankruptcy filings in 2010 as compared to 2009. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, the national average of bankruptcy filings rose by 9 percent and the courts in Youngstown reported a decrease of three percent. In 2009, the [...]

Youngstown reports descrease in bankruptcies2011-01-17T14:20:31+00:00

Kaufman’s files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy


Kaufman's in Wheeling filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last month. According to court documents, Kaufman's Inc. listed $352,716.80 as assets and $883,231.67 in bankruptcy petition. The inventory that was listed in the petition includes 331 wedding dresses and 1,503 formal dresses. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a bankruptcy trustee sells the non exempt products of the [...]

Kaufman’s files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy2011-01-10T20:17:43+00:00
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