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Dippin’ Dots ice creams files for bankruptcy


On Nov 4, novelty ice cream company, Dippin' Dots, filed for federal bankruptcy protection. The company is located in Paducah, KY, and filed in Louisville.  Dippin' Dots asked the judge to continue to use cash collateral to remain in operation.  According to Yahoo News, the bankruptcy will not hurt creditors including Regions Bank, which the [...]

Dippin’ Dots ice creams files for bankruptcy2011-11-07T04:54:27+00:00

How to stop creditors from harrassing you


When you are in debt or financial trouble, creditors may begin to harass you with phone calls. In some cases, illegal tactics will be used in order for collection agencies to get your money. The Federal Trade Commission prohibits this from happening in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This means that they can not [...]

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Ohio hospital to acquire Twin City hospital


A recent news release stated that Trinity Hospital Twin City has agreed to acquire Twin City Hospital in Dennison, Ohio. The purchase transaction will be officially over in 60 days when the Ohio Attorney General reviews the bankruptcy papers. The Trinity Hospital Twin City is an affiliate of an Ohio-based Fransican Services Corp. that includes [...]

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