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Business Bankruptcy Options for Business Owners


Did you know that the average business lasts about ten years? When businesses reach this milestone, the owners must determine whether the company has a chance of surviving the next decade. It may be an option to file for bankruptcy, but this isn't always as bad as it sounds. When a business files for bankruptcy, [...]

Business Bankruptcy Options for Business Owners2022-07-21T06:07:33+00:00

Ready to start saving 10% of your income?


Ready to start saving 10% of your income? Need a Certified Financial Planner(“CFP”)? By Ryan J. Really  https://getreallylegal.com  Attorney -Teacher- Veteran   There is so much to discuss about Certified Financial Planners (“CFP”) that cannot be covered in one article. Here is some background to help get you started in the “systematic savings” game. You can [...]

Ready to start saving 10% of your income?2022-10-26T12:22:09+00:00

How Does Bankruptcy Help You Handle Small Business Debts?


The coronavirus pandemic has decimated businesses nationwide. Unsurprisingly, small businesses are among the hardest hit. Many small business owners have chosen to close their doors rather than continue to struggle. Among those determined to stay in business, bankruptcy rates have gone up by around 40 percent.  Filing for bankruptcy can be a high-impact way to [...]

How Does Bankruptcy Help You Handle Small Business Debts?2021-05-18T08:18:27+00:00

Bankruptcy Options For Homeowners


Although a federal appeals court recently took away one of the options for homeowners in bankruptcy, a number of good alternatives exist for distressed homeowners looking for refuge. In Failla v. Citibank, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, ruled that homeowners who surrender their houses in bankruptcy cannot contest subsequent foreclosure [...]

Bankruptcy Options For Homeowners2021-03-05T16:01:21+00:00
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