Who is Eligible for Bankruptcy?

It would be difficult for most debtors to devote the time and energy necessary to understand the specifics of bankruptcy law to become fully aware of what his or her options may be. Recent changes to the law have introduced further restrictions and legal limitations that might minimize your choices. Most people facing extreme debt are anxious to take action against their outstanding loans and debts and move forward from this challenging time, so it is highly advisable to consult with a skilled and experienced attorney about your legal rights.

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Bankruptcy Eligibility

There are several different forms of bankruptcy protection that a debtor might seek, and each has its own specifications. However, common threads do exist which connect these separate types of cases. You may be eligible for bankruptcy if:

  • You have not filed for bankruptcy in the past 2-4 years
  • You have not had a bankruptcy discharge within the past 6-8 years
  • You are not behind in the payment of your state or federal taxes
  • You have not been denied bankruptcy in the past 6 months

Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will be granted bankruptcy, but failure to meet them makes it highly unlikely that you might.

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