What Happens if You Miss a Chapter 13 Payment?

When a person files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, they agree to pay back a significant amount of the debt they owe by following a repayment plan set up by the bankruptcy trustee. This repayment plan is designed to reflect the amount of disposable income a debtor has, giving them the ability to make payments without too much burden on their everyday finances. However, there can be serious consequences if a debtor misses a payment while contributing to this repayment plan.

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Consequences of a Missed Payment

The repayment plan works to provide debtors a steady opportunity to pay off certain debts with the legal protection and understanding that debt discharge may be available once the plan is complete. A failure to meet payments can carry the following consequences:

  • The bankruptcy trustee motioning to have the bankruptcy case dismissed
  • The lost opportunity to have debts discharged
  • An inability to file for bankruptcy directly after a missed payment case dismissal

After a waiting period after a dismissal, a debtor may be able to try to utilize bankruptcy again. However, depending on the circumstances, a debtor may be able to argue for a lesser punishment than case dismissal, such as additional time to pay or an extension on their repayment plan.

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