Understanding Underwater Loans

A person considering bankruptcy may encounter a number of confusing or unfamiliar legal terms and concepts. Given the recent downturn in the economy, especially in the housing market, the phrase “underwater loan” is frequently utilized when referring to unsatisfactory mortgage conditions. This situation arises when someone’s property drops in value so that it is less than what the mortgage is worth.

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How Bankruptcy Affects Underwater Loans

When a person files for bankruptcy, he or she may be looking for a way to address his or her underwater loans. In terms of underwater mortgages, bankruptcy offers the following options:

  • Using an automatic stay to negotiate for better terms on the loan and protect your home from foreclosure
  • Using the Chapter 13 repayment plan to work through the value of an underwater loan
  • Using the Chapter 13 cramdown process to reduce the value of the loan owed

If you are underwater on your mortgage or are facing other debt difficulties, you should talk to our Florida bankruptcy attorneys about your legal rights and options.

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