The Risks of Defaulting on Student Loans

The cost of college tuition has been rising significantly in recent years. Even public universities are experiencing the need to raise their fees, and students are taking out more loans than ever before. The majority of students have had to turn to financial institutions to cover some or all of their tuition or living expenses.

Unfortunately, more people borrowing money also means that more people are likely to default on their payments. It is important to understand the risks associated with failing to pay off debts and the specifics of student loans. If you have questions regarding your student loan, other debts, or potential bankruptcy options, contact a Florida bankruptcy attorney from the law office of Ryan J. Really at (239) 237-0675.

Risks Associated with Student Loan Default

Any failure to pay the debts associated with a student loan may result in penalties such as:

  • A percentage of earned wages may be subject to federal wage garnishment
  • Part or all of tax refunds may be garnished by the Treasury Department to pay back debt
  • Your debt may grow because of additional fees or penalties
  • You may be sued by the Treasury Department for the remaining balance of your loan
  • Your credit score will suffer from the failure to repay your debts

Bankruptcy will not eliminate student loans, but it may help to relieve other financial pressures that have made it impossible to pay back school debts. Filing for bankruptcy may help individuals facing several types of debt to reduce the amount owed and get their finances back on track.

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