Real Estate Assets and Types of Legal Interest

A debtor filing for bankruptcy is required to account for all real estate assets they own. In addition to listing these assets in full for a bankruptcy trustee, the debtor also has a responsibility to report what the debtor’s legal interest in each piece of property is. Depending on how the debtor owns or has the rights to control a particular piece of property, they need to describe this status on their bankruptcy paperwork.

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Describing Legal Interest for Real Estate

Real estate properties need to be carefully documented by a debtor going through bankruptcy. In particular, they will need to list their properties under the following types of legal interest:

  • Fee simple, or ownership of a property
  • Future interest, or ownership of a property at a future date
  • Contingent interest, or ownership of a property after certain conditions are met
  • Life estate, or ownership only during a person’s lifetime
  • Power of appointment, or ownership or control through a will or transfer of property
  • Easement holder, or the right to use another person’s property
  • Beneficial ownership under a real estate contractor, or ownership without the completion of all necessary formalities
  • Lienholder, or the ownership over a mortgage, lien, or deed of trust

If a debtor has any questions or concerns about these types of legal interest, they may want to consult with an attorney regarding how to address these problems given their own financial details.

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