Ohio’s Motor Vehicle Bankruptcy Exemption

The state of Ohio has specific rules regarding an individual’s ability to exempt their motor vehicle from Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. A filer may be able to retain their vehicle even through the completion of their bankruptcy case. The proper claiming of exemptions can be very complicated, however, and the failure to position one’s case appropriately can needlessly expose one’s property to the threat of bankruptcy sale.

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How Does the Motor Vehicle Exemption Work?

In the state of Ohio, debtors considering filing for bankruptcy may want to take advantage of the state motor vehicle exemption. This exemption can help debtors in the following way:

  • Single filers may exempt a vehicle up to $3,450
  • Joint filers, filing together as a married couple, can exempt double that amount
  • This exemption may be supplemented with the wild card exemption up to $1,150 more

This exemption can only be used on one vehicle, and may only be useful if the exemption amount sufficiently covers the equity of the vehicle.

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