Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

Dealing with overwhelming debt can be a tremendously stressful challenge. Bankruptcy protection offers some measure of relief in many instances, but bankruptcy law and the filing process can be confusing for an individual who is not familiar with them. This can lead to potentially costly errors if someone chooses to pursue a bankruptcy filing without the help of a knowledgeable attorney or advisor. The consequences of a mistake might include the denial of your petition, or even, in some cases, allegations of an intentional attempt to defraud your creditors or to deceive the bankruptcy court.

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Bankruptcy Mistakes

One of the principal advantages of allowing a skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorney to assist you with your case is that he or she can help you to manage the countless details and deadlines that are essential to a successful filing. There are many errors that can lead to further complications and legal trouble during the bankruptcy process including:

  • Failure to acknowledge a previous bankruptcy
  • Incompletion or improper completion of paperwork
  • Missed appointments, hearings, or deadlines
  • Using credit cards excessively or relying on cash advances
  • Transferring or hiding valuable assets while filing for bankruptcy
  • Falsifying or failing to turn in any statements or financial documents

Understanding your options before taking any action can help to ensure that you do not make any preventable mistakes during your case.

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